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Top Tier Beads

2000 Top Tier Mini - Mini Light Blue (C20)

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Want to create highly detailed fuse bead art? Then you need Top Tier Mini Fuse Beads! Our 2000 count Top Tier Mini Fuse Beads are available in a massive selection of 178+ vibrant colors, allowing you to create impressive fuse bead art that is sure to astound! Unlike Standard fuse beads, Mini beads are perfect for making highly detailed art at a smaller size, making it easier to display and show off! Mini beads are also perfect for projects that would be too large to make with Standard fuse beads, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, 3d models, portraits and more! Best of all, each bag of Top Tier Mini Beads comes with our upgraded packaging which is resealable and features an easy tear notch! 

Top Tier Mini Fuse Beads are 2.6mm hollow fusible beads. They can be used by placing them onto a Mini Pegboard using Mini Tweezers to create your original design. Once you've placed all your beads on your mini pegboard, simply lay Ironing Paper on top and melt your project using a standard household iron or a heat press. Place a heavy object on top while it cools, and there you have it! The result is a unique piece of bead art that you can use to decorate anything - and everything! 

**Top Tier Mini Fuse Beads are not compatible with other brands or sizes of beads.

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    2000 Top Tier Mini - Light Blue
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