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Top Tier Beads

2000 Top Tier Mini - All 157 Colors

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Use this listing to purchase all 157 solid colors of Mini Top Tier Beads!

Colors included:

Amethyst (C133)
Apricot (C95)
Ash Gray (C88)
Azure (C82)
Azure Blue (C136)
Baby Blue (C19)
Beach Beige (C109)
Beeswax (C24)
Beige (C108)
Black (C02)
Black Rock (C58)
Bloodrose Red (C145)
Blue Enchantress (C38)
Bright Carrot (C16)
Bright Green (C53)
Brown (C32)
Brunswick Green (C70)
Bubblegum (C22)
Buccaneer (C29)
Burning Sand (C44)
Butterfly Bush (C52)
Caffe Latte (C110)
Canary (C46)
Candy Violet (C130)
Caribbean Blue (C102)
Carnation (C62)
Carnation Pink (C07)
Celadon Green (C120)
Charcoal Gray (C90)
Clay (C75)
Clover Field (C122)
Cobalt (C141)
Conifer (C55)
Coral Red (C76)
Corn (C48)
Cornflower Blue (C137)
Creme (C148)
Dandelion (C91)
Dark Algae (C84)
Dark Blue (C21)
Dark Eucalyptus (C125)
Dark Gray (C34)
Dark Olive (C85)
Dark Steel Blue (C83)
Deep Chestnut (C77)
Deep Water (C103)
Deer (C74)
Earth Green (C115)
Electric Blue (C100)
Eucalyptus (C121)
Feta (C61)
Flamingo (C131)
Forest Green (C150)
Forget Me Not (C138)
Fresh Red (C57)
Frosty Blue (C118)
Fuchsia (C129)
Ghost White (C87)
Goldenrod (C71)
Gray (C33)
Green (C14)
Green Tea (C15)
Himalaya Blue (C97)
Horizon Blue (C140)
Hot Pink (C08)
Indigo (C139)
Iris Violet (C149)
Iron Gray (C156)
Jade Green (C86)
Key Lemon Pie (C40)
Khaki (C112)
Lagoon (C99)
Lavender (C25)
Light Blue (C20)
Light Brown (C31)
Light Grape (C127)
Light Gray (C89)
Light Green-Gray (C113)
Light Sea Blue (C79)
Lilac (C151)
Magenta (C09)
Mango (C65)
Marigold (C28)
Marine (C143)
Marshmallow Rose (C126)
Maverick (C50)
Medium Turquoise (C54)
Mine Shaft (C69)
Mocha (C147)
Moonlight Blue (C134)
Mossy Green (C114)
Oak Tree Brown (C111)
Old Pink (C36)
Orange (C17)
Orchid (C67)
Oslo Gray (C56)
Pale Lilac (C152)
Pale Skin (C92)
Pale Yellow (C144)
Papaya (C96)
Paprika (C43)
Pastel Green (C13)
Pastel Lavender (C26)
Pastel Orange (C72)
Pastel Yellow (C41)
Pepper (C157)
Petrol Blue (C104)
Picasso (C10)
Pine Tree Green (C117)
Pink Pearl (C63)
Pink Plum (C132)
Pistachio (C12)
Polar Mint (C119)
Pond Blue (C106)
Pool Blue (C101)
Pool Table Felt (C123)
Purple (C27)
Raspberry Pink (C49)
Red (C06)
Red Wine (C78)
Redwood (C30)
Rose (C64)
Rosebud Pink (C128)
Royal Blue (C142)
Sage Green (C116)
Sahara Sand (C153)
Salmon (C94)
Sand (C23)
Sandstorm (C42)
Scarlet (C59)
Sea Blue (C80)
Sea Mist (C60)
Seashell Beige (C107)
Shadow Green (C39)
Sienna (C73)
Silver (C35)
Sky Blue (C18)
Snake Green (C124)
Spearmint (C146)
Spring Green (C45)
Spring Sun (C51)
Steel Blue (C81)
Steel Gray (C155)
Summer Rain (C135)
Sunkissed (C154)
Tall Poppy (C05)
Tangerine (C03)
Toothpaste Blue (C68)
True Blue (C37)
Vanilla (C47)
Warm Blush (C93)
Waterfall (C98)
Wedgewood Blue (C105)
White (C01)
Wild Watermelon (C66)
Yellow (C11)
Yellow Orange (C04)

Want to create highly detailed Fuse Bead art? Then you need Top Tier Mini Fuse Beads! Our 2000 count Mini Fuse Beads feature an unrivaled selection of 157 colors, allowing you to create impressive fuse bead art that is sure to astound! Each color is unique. Unlike Standard 5mm Fuse Beads, Mini 2.6mm beads are perfect for making highly detailed art at a smaller size, making it easier to display and show off! Mini beads are also perfect for projects that would be too large to make with standard beads, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, 3d models, portraits and more! Best of all, each bag of Top Tier Mini Beads comes with our upgraded packaging which is resealable and features an easy tear notch! 

Mini Fuse Beads are 2.6mm, hollow plastic beads which can be placed on a Mini Pegboard with Mini Tweezers to create your own original design. Once you've placed all your beads on your Pegboard, simply lay Ironing Paper on top and melt your bead design using a standard household iron or a Cricut Easypress. Place a heavy object on top while it cools, and there you have it! The result is a unique piece of beadart that you can use to decorate anything - and everything! 

As always, our mission is to provide you with high quality Fuse Beads & Essentials and give you a Top Tier Experience - every time! 

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2000 Top Tier Mini - All 157 Colors