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Perler - Mini Beads Large Pegboards

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Mini Beads Pegboards are ONLY compatible with Mini Fuse Beads!

Perler Mini Pegboards are essential tools used for creating mini fuse bead art. These Mini pegboards are used as a base to hold your beads in place while crafting your design. Each board measures 5.875" x 5.875". Each package also includes 1 sheet of reusable ironing paper and instructions. These pegboards can be interlocked infinitely, giving you the ability to create art as large or as small as you desire! 

To begin creating beadart, place the beads in your desired pattern onto the pegboard using Perler MINI Tweezers. Then gently place ironing paper over your creation using either a household iron or a Cricut Easypress to fuse the beads together. This forms a semi-rigid piece of beadart that can be used in a variety of ways - such as:

  • The perfect gifts for your friends and family!
  • Unique handcrafted creations to sell
  • Mixed media art projects
  • Decorations for your home, office, she-shack and man cave 
  • Parts of a 3D fuse bead model
  • As a wearable Kandi or jewelry accessory.

There really are no limitations to what you can create with fuse beads! Quality pegboards & Essentials are the foundation to Beading the Best you can Bead!  

    Perler - Mini Beads Large Pegboards