Top Tier Fuse Bead Storage Solutions

Top Tier Fuse Bead Storage Solutions

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Hey y'all! Jaz here! In this blog post, I'll be laying out the pros and cons of various storage methods used by fuse bead artists. How you store your beads is an important decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider! For example:

How much space do you have for storage?
Do you need a portable option?
Do you plan to collect all the colors?
What's your budget?

With that in mind, let's go more in depth on the pros and cons of each method, so that you can determine which one works best for your needs!

Recommended for: Portable Beaders


Space efficient - multiple colors can be stored in one container

Allows you to easily and safely transport trays to project area

Colors can be sorted into a custom gradient

Easy to add more colors as your palette expands


Rearranging colors is time consuming, as you have to scoop all the beads out of each compartment

Beads can accidentally get mixed together

Each compartment can only hold a limited number of beads

If the tray is knocked or tipped over, all of the beads can spill out

Limited amount of compartments

Recommended for: Organized Beaders


Colors can be sorted into a custom gradient

Easy to find colors

Labeled colors & codes on each drawer

Easiest to pull out project colors

Can hold a large amount of colors

 Room for expansion

 Multiple models exist with different features, such as the ability to stack, larger drawers, and wall-mount 


Limited space per drawer

Drawers can tip over and spill


Not portable

 Adding new colors may require rearrangement of other colors


Recommended for: Beginner Beaders


Can hold a large amount of beads

Easy to refill

Most affordable storage option

Space efficient


Hard to permanently and legibly label

Prone to becoming disorganized

Must open each bag individually

Not environmentally friendly

Recommended for: Professional Beaders


Simple to refill

Easy to find colors

Store multiple bags per peg

Effective for tracking inventory

Aesthetically pleasing

Space efficient


Requires intact bags with hang tags

Need separate containers to bead from

Requires some assembly, hardware and research

Can be expensive

Recommended for: Bulk Beaders


Beads can kept in original packaging

Can be easily organized

Best option for bulk overstock storage

Easy to add more colors as your palette grows


Can become disorganized

Difficult to keep track of inventory

May need to use another container to bead from

Recommended for: Versatile Beaders


Snap containers securely hold beads

Able to hold large quantities of beads

Easy to stack, organize & label

No need for separate beading containers

See-through materials makes it easy to see color option



Need a lot of containers

Can get expensive to purchase more as your color palette grows

Re-stacking can take time and makes organization difficult

Recommended for: Budget Beaders


Upcycling is environmentally friendly

See-through materials makes it easy to see color options

Can be displayed anywhere

Depending on container, can stack for easy selection

Very inexpensive



Glass or thin plastic can crack

Inconsistency between containers

May need to use another container to bead from

Thanks for reading! I hope that this post has helped you decide which fuse bead storage method is best for your "Bead Needs"!


Heidi Adams - Ziplock Bags, Drawers & Totes, Video creation, image compilation, bullet points - @MonsterHeidi

Mikayla Burrows - Compartment Tray Storage - @mik.burrow

Marissa Valverde - Compartment Tray Storage, Stacking Containers - @riasworld2.0

Marissa Nichols - Compartment Tray Storage -@ryssas.adventure

Tenacious Beads - Utility Multi-Drawer - @Tenacious_Beads & TenaciousBeads

Leslie Baltus - Utility Multi-Drawer, Drawers & Totes - @Leslie_Baltus

Aiyshia - Utility Multi-Drawer - @xxaiyshiaxx

PulleyPops - Utility Multi-Drawer - @pulleypops & PulleyPops

Kate Rodriguez - Ziplock Bags - @khasper1010

Kat - Pegboards - @kandiiekat

Geeksense_cr - Pegboards -

jaszzycrafts - Pegboards - jaszzycrafts

Annette Hawkins - Drawers & Totes, Stacking Containers - @turtleemtp

Crybabydanni - Stacking Containers - @crybabydanni

Linda Hansen - Jars & Bottles
- @lindasusanhansen

Shanda - Jars & Bottles - @purrfectpixels

Okaybie - Jars & Bottles - @okaybie

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Another good idea for storage is recycling those fancy packs of gum that come with a pop-off lids. All you need to do is wash out all the dust that came with the gum and let them dry overnight. The only downside is that, depending on the shape of the container, it may not fit well in storage.

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